Betty Collerson

My Bio

I was born and raised on the mouth of the Amazon River, Brazil, in a town called Belém. The oldest of six children, our busy home was across the road from the Emílio Goeldi Museum, which was our playground and helped to educate us in the zoology, botany, and anthropology of the Amazon region.

My childhood was populated by interesting incidents involving native animals. Like when a spider monkey escaped from the Museum and ended up in my bedroom in the middle of the night. After much traveling, and living in places such as Bougainville Island, PNG, I arrived in Australia in 1990 and pursued my dream of studying psychology.

I graduated with an honours degree from Griffith University and a research PhD in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Queensland. After working in research for a few years, I am now totally committed in achieving another dream – a published author of children’s books.

I live in Brisbane with my husband, two dogs, three gold fishes, and an array of orchids and other plants.

My Artist Statement

Through my stories, I hope to entertain and inspire children, and instigate curiosity for all things Amazonian. My inspiration are the native Amazonians, who for thousand of years have developed ways of life that are in harmony with nature, and who believe that they are reborn through their grandchildren.

Belem on a map of Brazil